Additional Trends

There are quite a few additional home builder trends that have developed in new homes in the last couple of years, and that likely will continue into the next few years to come.

• E-Windows

E-Windows– The first trend that we’ll take a look at is E-windows. E-windows stand for low-emissivity windows, and are notable for having a transparent coating to minimize the ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through. Ultraviolet light can cause some furniture to fade so e-windows can help protect furniture in the home and make them more long lasting. While that’s probably not the same kind of technological advancement that someone from the 1950s or 60s may have expected, it’s still pretty cool to us today. What’s more, is that E-windows do not cost much more than standard windows.

• The Kitchen

– The kitchen has grown in modern homes. People are looking for more space to eat and prepare meals, to store food, and to socialize with each other. The days of small kitchens where there was only one entry point are long gone. Today, most modern day kitchens are very spacious and have more than one entry point. In addition, less and less homes are having dining rooms installed, and people are instead eating over bars or countertops in the kitchen, necessitating more space. People also use their kitchen to do homework or work on their computers.

• The Future of the Living Room

– No one can say with any certainty what the future for the living room holds. What is true is that living rooms are far less popular today than they were in years previously, but they aren’t unpopular enough for them to be considered out of date. Some people don’t see a need for a living room when they can simply hang out and spend time with each other in the kitchen, a family room, or a game/media room. To many people, a living room is just unwarranted extra space that they’ll never use and will just increase the cost of their home. For now, only time will tell if the living room stays in fashion.

What Will Trend in Homes in 2015?

There are a lot of people who talk about the different trends that they see in home décor over time. It’s really interesting to check out, if you haven’t done it before, because the ideas that people have and the way that they execute those ideas make it so that homes are usually very different from each other just like varying automobiles when your looking for cars for sale Langley. Here are two of the categories that we think will have a lot of focus when it comes to home design and décor during 2015.


Many people have started to step into the world of home design and décor, even if they have no experience doing any of it. There are television shows that show us how to take simple projects that can make our homes look and feel more tidy. Because so many people have gotten into this whole “DIY renovation” movement, home décor has become simpler as well. So, because of that, 2015 will likely be the year where keeping your décor simple will become a thing. There’s no need for complicated patterns and huge paintings – subtle changes will be enough for many people who choose to step into the world of DIY decorating. On top of that, people are looking for smaller, simpler homes that allow them to live within their means, but still have the space to be comfortable instead of cramped.


We are a nation that enjoys being comfortable. And there is no better indication of that than how we decorate our homes. Our couches are huge and comfortable; we have pillows all over the place; and we do everything that we can to kick our feet up on the table or something else comfortable. Our rooms are set up in such a way that we feel cozy and can pretty much doze off anywhere that we want. Because we are people who enjoy comfort in every area of our lives, 2015 is going to likely be the year that comfort reigns above everything else in décor.

2015 will definitely be an interesting year in the world of home décor and design. But a lot of the estimates fall into these categories – people are trying to keep things simple, and people are trying to make sure that they (and those who come to visit them) feel comfortable in their home. What will this look like and morph into? We will have to see about that.